30 May 2008

all the girli-ness!!

Our trip to Disney was one of THE MOST AMAZING things we've EVER done! {this side of babies}
Living in Florida before Andy and I we were married; I'd visited Disney World at least 10 times. . . but taking Lillian was like nothing we can even begin to describe!! we all laughed hysterically. . at Elle and Lilli telling each other they could see Cinderella's castle!!!!{not quite out of south carolina}....there was only a small handfuls of 'are we there yet?'

what blew us away the most... was the innocence in a child's belief of the imaginary and this was something that only Disney can invoke! God has given our lillibug this sweet, gentle, creative tender spirit. . . and we most definitely shed a few tears watching uninhibited joy, surprise and anticipation on our daughters face!

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